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Saudi Women

Riyadh: A new program has been launched to further promote Saudi women in business, under which partnerships will be established with American businessmen.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, this program for Saudi business women has been established in partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Under the agreement, businesswomen in the country will be able to reach out to their American counterparts and seek their services.

The program is called "Women's Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Saudi Arabia." The program will also include workshops and networking events. Saudi women will learn the tricks of investing from American businessmen. Women from both countries can also do business with each other.

The US Embassy in Saudi Arabia announced the program in partnership with other agencies.

Martina Strong, the US embassy's charge d'affaires in the kingdom, said the program would provide Saudi women with important business information by contacting American figures. Women are progressing under Vision 2030. Women have also been promoted to higher positions in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, "Latifa Al-Walan," director of Endeavor Saudi Arabia, said there were no barriers for Saudi women but they needed help.


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