Corona Virus Lockdown, Thousands protest in Europe

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in protest of the resurgence of the coronavirus in several European countries, demanding the lifting of sanctions to restore economic activity.

According to the international website, thousands of people rallied across Europe on Saturday against the lockdown due to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has killed 2.7 million people so far, and its spread has accelerated once again, leading to partial lockdowns in many European countries.

In these circumstances, residents of parts of Poland and France and the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, face new restrictions.

But people are struggling because of the economic situation, and thousands of people in Germany, Britain and Switzerland have marched against the sanctions.

Protests in the German city of Kassel by activists of the far right, the far left and activists spreading baseless conspiracy theories against the plague and vaccines, carried banners such as End the Lockdown and Rebellion in Corona.

Authorities used water cannon to disperse the protesters, who batons and pepper spray.

According to a police spokesman, the number of protesters was between 15,000 and 20,000 and this is one of the largest rallies this year.

Thousands protested in London against the coronavirus lockdown, with play cards carrying conspiracy theories against the corona virus.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said 36 people had been arrested for violating the lockdown, while about 100 protesters hurled objects at police officers.

Demonstrations against the lockdown have also taken place in Amsterdam, Vienna, the Bulgarian capital Sofia.


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