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 The US is continuing its recovery after a hard-hitting Winter Storm Uri last week, which saw heavy snowfall in much of the country and in Texas and damaging water infrastructure as far south as Houston.

An estimated 4.3 million homes were at the peak of the electricity loss, heating and safe drinking water crisis as the Joe Biden administration issued a major disaster declaration and was forced to send federal aid.

The emergence of state Republican Senator Ted Cruz killed at least 58 people and sparked a political uproar, choosing the moment to go on a family vacation to Cancun's sunny Mexican beach resort instead of supporting his constituents.

But one of the stranger reactions to the disaster was the spread of viral conspiracy theory videos on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, claiming that severe snow was in fact "fake" and "government-generated" by a sinister or aristocratic aristocrat. Was as part of the plot. , Possibly intentionally plunging Texas into its current state of anarchy.

Fake Snow Video:

In another clip, a girl gathers a snowball from her lawn and places it on top of a teal candle while watching the same incident - that it does not appear to melt but turn black by flame.

Several other videos have "something needs to be explained " on the same platform and "Is snow played with anyone played by the government yet?"

In February 2014, exactly the same suspicion has arisen after Snow unexpectedly blanketed in Atlanta, Georgia, prompting science writer Phil Plight of Slate to debunk him.


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