Young Indian Girl raped to death in Coronavirus Isolation ward in India.

A 25-year-old girl, placed in the solitary ward on suspicion of a Coronavirus infection, has died of a rape at the hospital and two people have been arrested in connection with the incident. The incident took place in Gaya district, where the young girl went to her mother's house after aborting her two-month-old fetus.
Due to excessive bleeding, she was admitted to Anurag Narain Mahat Hospital, and the doctor suspected that she might be affected by COVID 19. He put her in an isolated ward.

  • Coronavirus pandemic disease, a doctor allegedly abused a woman in a separate ward.
  • The woman was bleeding from an abortion, but she was also suspected of having a COVID-19.
After a few days of testing and further tests, it was confirmed that the girl was not a coronavirus patient and had been discharged. He was bleeding at home and died on April 6.


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