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As Western countries are battling their domestic epidemic, a new stable China is taking the opportunity to present itself as an emerging superpower.

The Chinese government's misrepresentation of the Coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan City - initially trying to cover it up, including detaining doctors who alarmed the alarm had led to the outbreak. I helped globally. But now, as matters begin to dwindle within its own borders, Beijing needs medical equipment and doctors around the world, including Italy and Iran, who are infected with the virus outside China.
The Chinese government is trying to establish itself as a world hero who saved many people in China and beyond, said Li Seong-huen, director of the Center for Chinese Studies at the Sejong Institute in Seoul. " "China is coming out strong with its PR, in fact, that this global outbreak is also a great opportunity to end China's soft power with Europe and [others]." On the other hand, the United States is not investing so many resources to support its traditional allies and friends and is not investing enough in the war to make that statement.
US-China Trade War:

Trump has tried to deflect the US economy from China by imposing tougher tariffs on Chinese goods. He is also urging US companies to terminate their supply lines in China, and move them home, or move them to trusted countries. Last summer, Apple urged its suppliers in China to shift 15 to 30 percent of its production capacity in Southeast Asia.

Now, as a result of the Coronavirus, multinational corporations based in the United States, such as Apple, are accelerating plans to establish alternative lines of supply outside China or relocate them. The pressure is mounting on Washington to take drastic measures to reduce US dependence on China for security-related technologies. Modern computers and electronic gear. And preparing them for expansion at home.

On the other hand, China may reduce its reliance on the US market and place greater emphasis on Africa and Asia customers. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the main vehicle for Beijing's trade, is currently experiencing a slowdown as a result of the pandemic, but the Chinese have nevertheless experienced a fresh impetus following its recovery. it will have to be done. As part of this effort, China will demand more and more use of the yuan in trade and development agreements, which will gradually increase in dollars and euros.

US and Europe's Worsening Ties:

Europe tends to move away from Washington because of Trump's hostility to NATO and the tariffs on European goods. With the end of the current crisis, European leaders are likely to extend their distance from Washington and gain greater sovereignty in both their economic and political affairs.

All of this suggests that we are going to witness an increasingly fragmented world in the future. Three large blocks or trade zones will work. They will use different rules and create different currency. The dollar will be used in the West Hemisphere, the euro in Asia and Europe and the yuan in Asia.

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