Young people are also vulnerable to the Coronavirus: WHO

Washington: The director general's World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros, said in a message to the youth that the virus could affect young people.

The Coronavirus epidemic has claimed 11,404 deaths worldwide, while 276,125 people have become ill in 185 countries, according to a foreign news agency report.
The director-general of the World Health Organization said in his message to the youth in view of the Karuna virus that young people are not infectious, that the Coronavirus epidemic can make young people sick.
He said I appeal to young people to stay in the house because the movement of young people is the choice of one's life or death.
He said that the situation in Wuhan, China's industrial city and the earliest site of the Coronavirus, is a hope for the world to see.
It must be understood that the situation in Italy is much worse than in China, where the bodies have been piled up in hospitals, the death toll has exceeded 4,000 in the last 24 hours after the death of 627 people. In Italy, the army served to dispose of the bodies and the bodies were transported to military trucks throughout the cemeteries.
According to a foreign news agency report, the government's poor system of dealing with the Coronavirus in Italy and the irresponsibility and carelessness of the people made the situation worse.


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